Also, the land is on private property, but open to the public.

Also, the land is on private property, but open to the public.

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Directions via the Bark Park parking lot: Take Interstate 540 and exit at U. blowing springs multi-use trail system. Trails are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced with special features including log rides, drops, jumps and a free ride area with table top jumps, bermed turns, and a wall ride.


. Mar 13, 2021 · 3. The Oz Trails offer over 300 miles of year-round mountain biking on 14 different trails.

The parking is charged for a set of hours. .

3665 W.

Access Road that runs through Slaughter Pen Phase 1 access is open from the east right at the base of the uphill for the south-eastern trails just.

aspx. ROUTE DESCRIPTION TRAIL #9: Visitors to Slaughter Pen trails in Bentonville enjoy a truly unique mountain bike experience.

Fayetteville, AR 72704. It took more than 16 years, but in June 2022, the Trust.

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The trail may be a small loop of 2.
71B south for one mile to the parking lot on the left.

3665 W.

are specifically for mountain bikers.

Walk or bike to Crystal Bridges or the Square via the trail. Slaughter Pen is now a lot more than 5 miles and has some of the most iconic trails in the state. .

. At the very northern end is a fun downhill feature that leads more advanced riders to the rest of Slaughter Pen Trails (this area is typically ridden downhill only, with the return back up the paved walking path). Generally considered a challenging route. Trail Length: 14. Lots of people even take casual bikes along the broad. Trails for All Levels.

In March 2006, the Trust announced the most ambitious private battlefield acquisition project in American history — a $12 million fundraising campaign to purchase the 208-acre Slaughter Pen Farm on the southern end of the Fredericksburg Battlefield.

It was fun and flowy with lots of low risk elevated decks and rock skinny’s. See address & details.

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This is a popular trail for birding and mountain biking, but you can still enjoy some solitude during quieter times of day.


There are different parts of the trail with drops, jumps, table jumps, beams, and a wall ride.